The Forgotten ‘Mineral X’
Of The 20th Century...

Find out why thousands of seniors and people of all ages are starting to use ‘Mineral X’ to manage weight, hair loss and forgetfulness at an age where most can’t...

Surprisingly? You probably haven't heard it's name since High School

And that’s why it’s absolutely CRUCIAL that you read this page.

A French chemist discovered 'Mineral X' back in 1811.

He was performing an experiment on seaweed when he accidentally poured sulphuric acid onto his desk...

Suddenly a purple cloud formed. Barnard collected the cloud and condensed it into crystal form...

But what he didn’t know…

Was that this material was behind one of the biggest health crises of the 19th century… In fact, governments around the world worked together to solve it.

The most amazing thing about his discovery is that the body is incapable of producing Mineral X by itself.1

You need 'Mineral X' For Your Body to Function

It's Also Not Easily Found In Nature...

Imagine a large and elaborate network of molecules

It’s made up of small, flimsy little connections but each one relies on the other to remain strong.

But if you remove ONE of those molecules—right from the middle—the house crumbles.

Mineral X is like that one molecule

When you don’t have enough of it, everything starts to fall apart.

But, when you have the RIGHT kind of it circulating through your body, reaching each cell, your body THRIVES...

I mentioned before that Mineral X was the cause of a global health problem in the 19th century.

People Around The World Were Deficient

Governments around the world banded together and came up with a plan to make it more available2...

So they added it to household salt.

Around 1924 the first bottle of Mineral X infused salt hit the shelves in the USA3...

And it worked. Up to 1974 Mineral X levels were increasing in the US population4.

Then something happened.

Research came out that villainized salt for its link to high blood pressure5. The average levels were starting to decrease again.

In fact…

The Frustrating Part?
Many Still Have Low Levels of 'Mineral X' Today

Low levels of the mineral can reduce your thyroid function6.

Thyroid function can affect you on a daily basis without you even knowing.


Have You Experienced Any Of These?

Difficulty Managing Your Weight
Your thyroid uses Mineral X to produce thyroid hormones7.
These hormones bump up your basal metabolic rate (BMR) – which controls the way you burn fat.

Weakness & Fatigue
Feeling burned out and tired 24/7 is a common indicator of low thyroid function.

In fact, one study found that 88% of people with thyroid issues felt fatigued9.

Thinning Hair
When your thyroid hormone levels are low your hair follicles can stop regenerating. This can result in hair loss over time10.

That’s why you may be losing hair as a result of Mineral X deficiency11.

Trouble Remembering Things
Your thyroid can affect your cognitive ability12.

A study showed that those with higher thyroid hormone levels did better on learning and memory tests compared to those with lower levels13.

Could These Be A Mineral Deficiency?

Read On to Discover Why...

These can be signs your thyroid may not be functioning at the best levels

The good news?

There's one mineral that makes a HUGE difference when it comes to thyroid functioning properly.

Just one little problem...

It’s pretty tough to increase your daily intake from food to the recommended 150mcg per day.

( unless you eat a LOT of specific types of seafood )

Curious What ‘Mineral X’ Is?

Not Just Any Iodine

In the old days people didn’t understand Iodine’s importance.

That’s why most people around the world and especially in Europe and North America are deficient of it even since it was discovered 200 years ago17.

The problem is, there are still way too many people dealing with health issues related to Iodine deficiency on a DAILY BASIS.

Plus, pure Iodine is a gas that is incredibly hard to stabilize.

Many companies combine iodine molecules with alcohols or plastics to stabilize them, which is unsafe.

If you could relate to any of the issues I described earlier…

This might be for you.

Activation Products has partnered with a company that invented a proprietary process that combines crystal iodine molecules with nothing but distilled water.

Introducing a first of it's kind iodine solution

Treat Yourself to Deep Delta Sleep Like You Deserve...

Sleep is an essential part of being healthy.

When your thyroid produces too little or too much thyroid hormone, it throws off your body’s metabolism which can affect your sleep.

Perfect Iodine will help you balance out your thyroid function.

Take Perfect Iodine an hour before you sleep... You’ll feel energized and ready for the day when you wake up.

Helps Prevent Fatigue...

You already know that a faulty thyroid can be the reason for your chronic fatigue.

That’s why Perfect Iodine is a great way to get that youthful energy back. It helps to keep your thyroid functioning well which allows you to feel 'well rested' at anytime of the day.

Perfect Iodine Is Best Taken Orally...

We make Perfect Iodine exclusively using USP Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Crystal Iodine Molecules in distilled water in our Health Canada certified GMP facility.

We store Perfect Iodine in UV resistant, glass bottles with special sealed caps so it’ll stay fresh all the way to your doorstep.

Perfect Iodine is best taken orally and tastes sweet & oaky.

Keep in mind that Perfect Iodine is the first of its kind.

That’s why we partnered with a company that - after decades of research - has invented a process that combines iodine molecules with distilled water.

Your body will love it.

Plus, you won’t find another Iodine solution like this on the market.



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How To Use Perfect Iodine

Perfect Iodine is a safe, liquid solution of iodine and distilled water that can be taken orally. It’s also simple for your body to digest.

During hormone production, your thyroid uses up the iodine in your body18.

That’s why it’s important to replace the iodine that gets used.

You Can Have Perfect Iodine

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4 Caldwell (2005) page 4