What is the Best Way to Take Magnesium Supplements?

If you spend your hard-earned money on magnesium, you want to get the best bang for your buck. But, what is the best way to take magnesium supplements? 

You probably associate magnesium supplementation will pills or powder - or maybe even some sort of lotion that you apply transdermally. Are these the most efficient and effective ways to improve your magnesium uptake, though?

As you’ll discover below, no - not necessarily. These delivery methods lack the bioavailability that you need. And in the case of oral supplements, you open the door to unpleasant side effects that leave you wondering if it’s even worth taking magnesium.

The good news? There is one way to take magnesium that stands alone as the safest, most effective approach. With zero side effects, high bioavailability, and rapid absorption, this approach to magnesium supplementation is going to change your life for the better - helping you unlock your full potential and live life without limitations. Before we introduce you to Ease Magnesium Spray, allow us to explain why not all delivery methods are created equal. 

Not All Magnesium Delivery Methods Are Created Equal

You may assume that taking any magnesium supplement is better than nothing - but that isn’t always true. In fact, some magnesium supplements do more harm than good. 

Oral magnesium supplements are notorious for lacking bioavailability - meaning your body isn’t actually able to use the magnesium in the end. While some of it gets absorbed, much of it is lost as waste. This means you’re putting your money down the toilet - literally. 

And it’s not just about maximizing your magnesium intake - these oral supplements lead to adverse side effects that inhibit your quality of life. Pills, capsules, and powders can wreak havoc on your gut health - contributing to digestive issues like bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. 

So - obviously the solution is transdermal supplementation, right? It’s not quite that simple. Yes - absorbing magnesium through the skin does offer better bioavailability and avoid unpleasant gut side effects. But it’s imperative that you choose the right supplement - because again, they’re not all equal. Moreover, certain topical supplements can leave your skin itchy, stinging, agitated, or covered in residue - none of which are acceptable outcomes. 

So - with that said, what is the best way to take magnesium supplements to maximize uptake and minimize downsides? We’ll compare and contrast all your options below. 

What is the Best Way to Take Magnesium Supplements?

We’ll cover the four main ways you can magnesium supplements to help you gain a clear understanding of the shortcomings and advantages each delivery method has to offer. We’ll save the best for last, and start with the most common approach to magnesium supplementation: capsules or pills.

Capsules or Pills

It’s clear to see why capsules or pills are the most common approach to magnesium supplementation. You can pop a few every day and just be done with it - they’ve long been the most convenient approach to taking magnesium (until recently). But convenience is where the benefits end for capsules or pills.

The fact of the matter is that most capsules or pills on the market lack the bioavailability you need. When considering the amount of magnesium your body is actually able to uptake, you’re not getting nearly enough value for the money. To counteract this, users end up needing to take more capsules and pills to meet their daily needs and actually overcome magnesium deficiency.

This leads to a host of problems in the gut - primarily, the digestive system, liver, and kidneys. In the short term, this leads to cramps, gassiness, bloating, or diarrhea. With prolonged supplementation, your gut is put through the wringer and more serious complications can arise. As such, pills and capsules are losing their place in the sphere of magnesium supplementation. How do they stack up to a powder supplement, though?


Really, there isn’t much difference between powdered magnesium supplements and capsules/pills. In fact, many companies offer both supplements - and they’re exactly the same. 

The only difference is that magnesium powder requires a bit more work to supplement. You have to deal with the hassle of mixing it up and drinking it every day.

And in the end, you get relatively similar results in terms of bioavailability and side effects. In fact, some users report worse side effects from powdered magnesium supplements as they don’t always mix well. Moreover, you’re still excreting much of the supplement you’re spending your money on - what’s the point?

This problem with bioavailability and gut-related side effects spawned a whole new way to take magnesium. Let’s progress the conversation to discuss transdermal supplements.

Lotions or Gels

The first transdermal supplements on the market were lotions, gels, or balms. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, transdermal means “through the skin”.

Wait - your skin can absorb magnesium? And actually put it to use throughout your body? Yep - the skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s incredibly porous. To get a bit more specific, the skin is semi-permeable - so certain compounds can pass through and enter the bloodstream. Magnesium is one of these. And as a result, transdermal magnesium supplements outperform their oral counterparts in terms of bioavailability and uptake. 

However, most lotions or gels still fall short of expectations. The reason? They are notorious for causing adverse reactions on the skin. You may experience stinging, burning, itchiness, or even a nasty residue left behind on the skin. 

Plus, they’re not made with the right type of magnesium. Just as not all delivery methods are made equal, not all types of magnesium are made equal. These lotions and gels tend to be made from magnesium chloride - which is far superior to other forms of magnesium. But there is one form that exceeds even magnesium chloride - and the only way to gain access to it is through a spray.


Finally, we want to introduce you to the final way you can take magnesium: in a spray form. This is exactly what it sounds like - a spray bottle that you can spritz on your skin as needed. Even compared to capsules and pills, this is a far more convenient approach to magnesium - just keep a bottle by your bed, in your purse, in your desk at work, in your car, or anywhere else you may find yourself needing a bit of a magnesium boost.

The reason the spray is so effective is that it’s comprised of magnesium chloride hexahydrate. Those 6 extra water molecules are the only thing separating this form from standard magnesium chloride. But believe us when we say they make all the difference in bioavailability and results. 

As a result, magnesium chloride hexahydrate spray is far and away the best way to take magnesium supplements. We’ll elaborate a bit more as to why that is below. 

Why is Our Magnesium Spray the Best Way to Take Magnesium Supplements?

So, why is Ease topical magnesium spray the best way to take magnesium supplements? It’s as simple as this: it offers the best bioavailability with the least amount of side effects. What more could you ask for in a supplement? 

We’ve spent a decade developing this natural formulation after experiencing firsthand the common pitfalls of traditional magnesium supplements. We knew there had to be a quicker, easier, and less uncomfortable way to naturally restore your body’s mineral balance. And today, that solution is Ease. 

Each spritz delivers around 22mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate, encouraging a sense of relaxation and calm. This helps you sleep or soothe sore muscles. It also helps relieve pain & inflammation. In some cases even increases energy. 

Unlike other magnesium supplements, you won’t have to worry about any stinging, burning, or itching. And, Ease will not leave a residue on the skin. Within minutes of spraying, the magnesium will have worked its way into your bloodstream to be distributed throughout your body. 

Our spray is 100% natural, purified, and healthy - derived from the Dead Sea. You can rest assured it’s free from all pollutants, heavy metals, toxins, and even other minerals that can get in the way of absorption and uptake. The raw magnesium we use is so pure it qualifies as ‘pharmaceutical grade’ magnesium. You can trust you’re getting the best of the best at Activation Products. 

You live a busy, chaotic life - and chances are, you’re not getting enough magnesium in your life. Studies have shown that over half the world is deficient in this vital mineral - and it shows. Fortunately, you can avoid the complications that arise from magnesium deficiency with this powerful supplement in your life. Below, we’ll provide a few tips for getting started with Ease.

Tips on the Best Way to Take Magnesium Supplements

Even with the best magnesium supplement on the market, it’s important that you’re taking it properly. Below, we’ll address two common questions we get asked to help you hit the ground running, reaping all the benefits Ease has to offer.

Is it Better to Take Magnesium in the Morning or at Night?

It depends on what your goals are. 

Are you struggling with sleep? A couple sprays on your heart, feet, and the back of your neck will help ease you into a state of deep relaxation at night and unlock your best night of sleep yet. On the other hand, if you wake up feeling sore or fatigued, you can bring your body and mind to life with a few sprays.

There’s no right or wrong time to take Ease magnesium. It can (and perhaps should) be taken in the morning and at night.

How Often Should You Use Ease Magnesium Spray?

Expanding on our last point, you may need as many as 30-40 sprays a day to really overcome a magnesium deficiency. After all, this key mineral plays a role in over 350 processes throughout the human body - we need a lot of it to perform and feel our best.

Start small and ramp up over time to find the sweet spot. As with any sort of transdermal supplement, start with a patch test on a small area of your skin to see how it reacts. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Take Magnesium

So, what is the best way to take magnesium supplements? As you can see, transdermal supplementation outshines oral supplementation. But more specifically, magnesium chloride hexahydrate spray is the most bioavailable supplement on the market with no noted side effects. 

If you’re ready to transform your health and wellness and make magnesium deficiency a thing of the past, it’s time to get your first bottle of Ease and see what’s been missing from your life all this time. 

Before you check out, make sure to round out your regimen and grab some iodine spray, black sesame seed oil, ionic ocean minerals, and natural, powerhouse supplements we’ve developed. At Activation Products, you’ll gain access to solutions that help you feel better and live better - maximizing your full potential and experiencing life as it was intended!