How to Use Magnesium Spray: The Complete Guide

Want to learn how to use magnesium spray for fast relief from a myriad of ailments? You’ve come to the right place - that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today!

Whether you’re looking to make fatigue a thing of the past, you want to address pain and inflammation, or you’re hoping to reap any of the other countless benefits of magnesium - it’s important to not only get your hands on the right supplement but also know how to actually use it!

Below, we’ll break down the best practices in terms of where to apply magnesium oil, how much magnesium spray to use, and everything else you’re looking for advice on. Armed with this information and Ease - the best magnesium spray supplement on the market - you are well on your way to living life as it was intended: without limitations. Let’s first assess all the reasons you should be excited to learn how to use magnesium spray.

Why Learn How to Use Magnesium Spray? All the Ways it Can Improve Your Life

There are a seemingly endless number of uses for magnesium spray. That’s because this powerful mineral plays a role in more than 350 life-giving bodily functions. And when you consider how many people exist in a chronic state of magnesium deficiency, it’s no wonder ailments like fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and pain run so rampant! 

The good news is you’re just a few moments away from learning how to use magnesium oil spray to make all this a thing of the past. Here’s a quick breakdown of the diverse range of uses for this supplement:

  • Muscle relaxation: Magnesium is known for its ability to relax muscles and reduce tension, making it a popular choice for athletes and individuals with muscle cramps, spasms, or tension. You can even use it for restless leg syndrome!
  • Sleep aid: Speaking of relaxation, magnesium can also help to promote deep, restful sleep - getting you the sleep quality and quantity you need to live your best life. Whether you suffer from insomnia or just want a little help getting/staying asleep, this is a must-have supplement in your arsenal. 
  • Stress reduction: Magnesium has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system along with your physical state, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed by the stressors of life, lean on magnesium. 
  • Pain relief: Magnesium spray can be used topically to reduce pain and inflammation, making it a useful supplement for individuals with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain. It can even be used for headaches or post-workout recovery.
  • Skin health: Magnesium is essential for healthy skin, and topical application of magnesium spray can help to improve skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin health.
  • Energy production: Magnesium is involved in the production of ATP, the body's primary source of energy. Supplementing with magnesium can help to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue - so you can tackle each and every day with the same intensity and vigor.
  • Bone health: Magnesium is essential for healthy bone formation and can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.
  • Cardiovascular health: Magnesium plays a key role in maintaining cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving overall heart function. It keeps your ticker ticking.
  • Digestive health: Last but certainly not least, magnesium can help to regulate digestion and prevent constipation by relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract and promoting bowel movements.

You can learn more about the magnesium chloride hexahydrate benefits in our blog if you’d like - along with why we used magnesium chloride hexahydrate vs magnesium chloride in our formulation. But for now, it’s time to get into the real reason you came here today: to learn how to use magnesium spray.

How to Use Magnesium Spray: Everything You Need to Know About Harnessing the Power of Ease

Below, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about using magnesium spray for the very first time. You’ll discover the best places to actually apply the spray, how much you should use it, and how often you should use it. But before we get into all that, first things first: get yourself a bottle of Ease: the most efficient, effective magnesium spray on the market!

First, Grab a Bottle of Ease

At Activation Products, we’ve made it our mission to empower individuals with natural, potent, and pure supplements that push the limits of human potential. And one of our most prized offerings is our topical magnesium spray. It’s the culmination of 10 years of research and development and can help you enhance your quality of life in ways you never thought possible.

This powerful solution is sourced from the same magnesium from the Dead Sea - a location that is visited daily by people around the world wanting to soak in its concentrated, mystical (some would even say sacred), magnesium-filled water. The formulation we’ve developed is the most bioavailable in the world. You’ll feel its effects in as little as 90 seconds!

And unlike most topical magnesium supplements, you can avoid that gross, agitating residue left behind on your skin by sticking with Ease. You also won’t have to worry about any stinging, itching, or burning sensations with Ease.  

There’s no question that Ease is the most effective, safe topical magnesium spray supplement in the world. Go ahead and order yours today to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time. In the meantime, we’ll talk about where you are actually going to spray the supplement on your body. 

Determine Where You’re Going to Apply it

Can you absorb magnesium through the skin directly? Yep - and that’s what makes topical spray supplements so powerful, and in our opinion, the best way to take magnesium supplements! By applying the product directly to your skin you can avoid many of the problematic side effects of oral supplements while feeling the effects of magnesium faster than ever.

Now - the only question is, where are you going to apply the supplement? This will depend on your specific use case. 

So rather than asking where to apply it, you should first ask yourself - why are you using magnesium spray? Is it for general magnesium deficiency? Or, are you suffering from pain and inflammation somewhere in the body? Do you need help falling asleep at night?

The point is, your specific application site is dependent on your goals with magnesium spray. If you have a sore back, spray it on your back. If you have restless legs, apply the product directly to your legs. And beyond this common-sense, targeted approach, here are some great application sites that you can consider:

  • The bottoms of your feet: The soles of your feet have some of the thinnest skin on your body, making it an ideal location to apply magnesium spray for maximum absorption.
  • Your stomach: The skin on your stomach is also relatively thin, making it a good option for applying magnesium spray.
  • Your inner arms: The skin on the inside of your arms is also thinner, and this area is easy to reach and apply magnesium spray to.
  • Your neck and shoulders: Many people carry tension in their neck and shoulders, and applying magnesium spray to these areas can help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

In general, these four sites offer the greatest uptake of transdermal magnesium supplements. But beyond where you’re going to apply the supplement, it’s important to discuss how much magnesium spray to use… 

Advice on How Much Magnesium Spray to Use

In regard to simply overcoming a magnesium deficiency, we recommend 30-40 sprays daily. This is a good goal to shoot for to ensure your body is stocked with ample magnesium - because as we mentioned earlier, you need this mineral for a vast majority of bodily functions!

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to cover your body with 40 sprays all at once. You can spread out your doses over the day. Spray some in the morning to help you get the day started on the right foot, spray some in the middle of the day to overcome that mid-day lull, and spray some before bed to help you wind down and get a good night’s sleep. Shoot for 3-4 different spray sessions a day at 10-15 sprays each.

Of course, this recommendation is not one size fits all - you should play around with how much magnesium spray you use to find what works best for you. Your sensitivity to magnesium/existing state of deficiency dictates what’s best. 

More Tips on Using Magnesium Spray

Beyond where to apply magnesium and how much to use, you should consider when you’re using the product. It’s important to always spray Ease on clean, dry skin. This ensures the best level of uptake, as dirt and oils can trap the magnesium and prevent ample uptake. 

Similarly, you should make sure you’re giving the magnesium a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin before putting on clothes or laying down in bed. You don’t want to accidentally rub the magnesium off your skin while it’s working to soak in - starving your body of the benefits.

We’ve said this already, but we want to emphasize it once more: use your magnesium spray regularly! If you’re only using it when you feel fatigued, suffer from pain, or can’t sleep, you’re still remaining in magnesium deficiency. You can simply use this product proactively to prevent these problems in the first place.

We’ve also seen some users report better results from actually massaging the product into their skin. This isn’t entirely necessary as the formulation is designed to absorb into the dermis on its own - however, it could be worth trying if you want to supercharge your results! This is a specifically interesting use case for muscle soreness - you can relieve tight muscle tissue and work the magnesium deeper into your body this way.

Last but not least, consider how you’re storing the bottle of magnesium when it’s not being used. To prevent degradation of the supplement, keep it in a cool, dark place - like a shelf, drawer, or cabinet. By following all these tips, you can make the most of your magnesium spray and live life to the fullest!

Closing Thoughts on How to Use Magnesium Oil Spray

We hope this quick guide on how to use magnesium spray has helped you gain clarity on the best practices for actually using this supplement. If you have any more specific questions about using Ease in particular, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us - we’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your magnesium supplement!

Beyond magnesium, you can count on Activation Products for other powerhouse natural healing products - including our iodine spray, corriander oil, ionic ocean minerals, and countless others. We encourage you to explore our catalog and uncover all that we have in store for you.

But at this point, it’s time to pick up your first bottle of magnesium spray if you haven’t done so already and start using it as part of your daily routine!