The Best Magnesium Spray for Pregnancy Nausea, Sciatica Pain, Cramps, and More

Pregnancy is a long, tiresome journey - but it’s undoubtedly one of the most rewarding times of your life. Everything changes when you find out a new life is growing within you - and this alone is enough to keep you going through the challenges like nausea, pain, cramps, insomnia, and more.

Nevertheless, many of these ailments can be debilitating and frustrating - leaving you counting down the weeks to deliver. What if we told you that you didn’t have to dread this experience or deal with some of the misery associated with pregnancy? By using magnesium spray for pregnancy nausea, sciatica pain, constipation, cramps, insomnia, and other ailments, you can actually enjoy this process! 

We know what you’re thinking…can you use magnesium spray while pregnant? Is magnesium spray safe during pregnancy? And if so, what is the best magnesium spray for pregnancy?

In this article, we’re going to answer all these questions and many others you may have about how Ease Magnesium Spray can enhance your pregnancy in ways you never thought possible. Let’s start the conversion by unpacking some of the most common ailments you’ll encounter during your timeline to delivery.

A Few of the Common Pregnancy Ailments You Can Expect to Encounter

Chances are, you’ve already experienced a few of the common pregnancy ailments that moms-to-be struggle with. But below, we want to quickly point out a few that are particularly frustrating to set the stage for the rest of our conversation in this magnesium spray pregnancy guide:

  • Nausea (morning sickness)
  • Pain
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Swollen feet & ankles
  • Mood swings
  • Shortness of breath

Now - any one of these ailments on its own would be a negative experience. Imagine experiencing all of them at once over the next 9+ months! Surely there has to be a solution, right? 

Can You Use Magnesium Spray While Pregnant to Overcome These Issues?

Can you use magnesium spray while pregnant to overcome these issues we’ve just described above? As it turns out, yes you can! Below, we’ll unpack how magnesium supplementation works to improve your quality of life while pregnant and any concerns you may have in regard to safety. 

Is Magnesium Spray Effective During Pregnancy?

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a crucial role in many bodily functions - up to 350 life-giving reactions to be exact! The harsh reality is that most individuals exist in a chronic state of magnesium deficiency, which can manifest itself in a myriad of symptoms.

But during pregnancy, the demand for magnesium increases even higher for both the mother and the developing fetus. Unfortunately, many pregnant women experience magnesium deficiency, which can lead to various health issues. As you may be able to surmise by where we’re taking this conversation, many of the issues we described above are merely the result of magnesium deficiency.

For example, you can use magnesium spray during pregnancy for nausea. The calming effect of magnesium will help curb the dreaded morning sickness by regulating the digestive system and reducing inflammation. 

What’s more, you can use a quality supplement to minimize pain symptoms - whether it be sciatic nerve pain from the growing fetus in your body, pain on your feet and ankles from carrying extra weight, or back pain from changes to your posture. That’s not all either - you can magnesium spray while pregnant to address cramps as well!

Perhaps one of the best use cases for magnesium spray during pregnancy, though, is to help you mitigate the harmful effects of insomnia. If you’re already pregnant then you know what a toll this journey will take on your sleep schedule. That’s why using a natural sleep aid like magnesium is so important. Spraying yourself before bed will ease you into a deep, restful state so you can recover and wake up the next day refreshed and eager for what’s to come.

Other ailments magnesium spray can help you with while pregnant include constipation, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and a whole lot more.

However, all of this matters not if you’re putting yourself or your little one at risk. So, it’s important to ask the question - is magnesium spray safe during pregnancy?

Is Magnesium Spray Safe During Pregnancy, Though?

Now that you know all the uses for magnesium spray during pregnancy, it’s time to consider the safety of magnesium spray in pregnancy. So, is magnesium spray safe for pregnancy? Fortunately for you, the answer is yes! In fact, you should now understand that not only is this supplement safe during pregnancy: it’s 100% necessary

With that said, you should be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid applying excessive amounts. And we always encourage you to check with your healthcare provider before using any new supplement or product during pregnancy. You should also be aware that some types of magnesium supplements, such as magnesium citrate, can have a laxative effect, which can be problematic during pregnancy. That’s why choosing either magnesium chloride hexahydrate vs magnesium chloride is your best bet (we’ll explain which we recommend in just a moment).

In saying all this, it’s important to understand that the safety of magnesium spray in pregnancy depends on the specific product in question. To help you achieve peace of mind in addressing all these ailments, we’re going to introduce you to the best magnesium spray for pregnancy nausea, pain, insomnia, and other ailments below.

What is the Best Magnesium Spray for Pregnancy Nausea, Pain, Cramps, and Insomnia?

Before we actually introduce you to the best magnesium spray for pregnancy, we want to talk about what you need in a supplement. As we covered in our article on the best way to take magnesium supplements, you need to prioritize bioavailability - which speaks to how efficiently the spray you use is absorbed by your skin. Otherwise, you end up wasting your money on a product that doesn’t even absorb through your skin.

That’s why we recommend magnesium chloride hexahydrate. This is the most bioavailable form of magnesium on the planet. You can learn more about the magnesium chloride hexahydrate benefits in our related article if you’d like - but you’re probably eager to discover the best magnesium spray for pregnancy. So, without further ado - allow us to explain the role our topical magnesium spray can play in your pregnancy.  

What Separates Ease From the Rest?

There’s no question - Ease is the best magnesium spray supplement available. It’s the most bioavailable form of magnesium, sourced with the strictest quality standards possible. We ensure it’s free of all pollutants, heavy metals, toxins, and even other minerals. It’s pure enough to be considered ‘pharmaceutical grade’ magnesium. In fact, t​​his is the same magnesium you’ll find in the Dead Sea and it has been on Earth since its creation.

This high bioavailability means you’re not just getting the best bang for your buck with Ease: you get the fastest results possible. In just minutes, you’ll feel the therapeutic properties working their magic so you can achieve relief once and for all. And while it works fast, you’ll love the fact that it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue or stickiness on your skin. Moreover, you won’t worry about the stinging, burning, or itching associated with other topical magnesium products. 

We could go on and on about what makes Ease the best magnesium spray during pregnancy - but we figure you’d rather hear from expecting mothers who have walked in your shoes already…

A Few Testimonials From Expecting Mothers Like You

“I suffer from cramping in my whole body and the Ease is a great help!! It helps the body relax— better sleep!!” - Lynn.

“I have been using the spray for almost a month. When I spray it onto my joints and use it for back pain, the pain almost immediately diminishes or completely goes away!! I love it and will continue to use it every day!!” - Nancy.

“Love this product. Calms me down and I sleep straight through the night…8-9 hours!” - Deborah.

We’re so confident you’ll agree this is the best magnesium spray for pregnancy that we back it up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Get your first bottle of Ease today, and then read below for tips on using magnesium spray during pregnancy. 

Tips for Using Magnesium Spray for Pregnancy

Before we bring our conversation on using magnesium spray during pregnancy to a close, we want to empower you with tips for making the most of your supplement. 

First and foremost, we want to talk about how to actually use the product. You know that you can absorb magnesium through the skin - so you’ll spray Ease directly to areas where you feel pain or tension - like your legs, feet, back, etc. This will help you manage the cramps and pains associated with pregnancy. In terms of insomnia, you’ll want to apply the product to trigger points on the bottom of your feet, your wrists, your chest, and anywhere else you deem fit prior to bed.

You’re probably wondering how much you need to spray per dose - it really depends on your specific symptoms and how deficient you are in magnesium. Each spray delivers 22mg of concentrated magnesium, and we recommend up to 40 sprays a day. You can distribute these throughout the day - so think 10-20 in the morning/daytime and 10-20 at night. You’ll quickly get into a regimen and from there, you can increase or decrease the sprays you use.

Always apply Ease to clean, dry skin and give it a few moments to absorb before dressing or laying down. This will ensure the product is taken in through your pores and not rubbed off on accident. Store your bottle in a cool location away from direct sunlight to prevent any degradation of the magnesium. 

Of course, as with any topical product, it’s best to do a small patch test somewhere on your skin before spraying your entire body. We’ve rarely seen adverse reactions from Ease - but better safe than sorry if you have an allergic reaction! 

Wrapping Up Our Magnesium Spray Pregnancy Guide 

It’s time to wrap up our magnesium spray pregnancy guide. We hope you feel more confident in using magnesium spray during pregnancy after reading through this article - as we’ve answered your questions in regard to both the efficacy and safety of magnesium spray in pregnancy.

At Activation Products, we don’t just have the best magnesium spray during pregnancy - you can also find other powerhouse supplements to improve your quality of life and ensure a successful pregnancy. That includes our marine phytoplankton, iodine spray, black seed oil, and many other carefully crafted formulations. 

Our goal is to help you live life to the fullest and push the limits of human potential. And with the best magnesium spray for pregnancy, you can keep living life as it was intended - kicking frustrating symptoms to the curb!